Nathan JohnsonMy Curious Lens, the online gallery for N.Truett Photography by Nathan Truett Johnson, whose landscape images record his explorations in various places around the world. He also enjoys taking candids and natural light portraits. Nathan lives in Denver, Colorado.

“Photography gives me a reason to get out bed in the early morning and an excuse to stay up late into the night to see things I would otherwise miss.

I like to look at others’ photos as much as I enjoy taking my own. Each image allows me to see through someone else’s eyes in the moment they have captured.

This site offers you the same opportunity as you follow My Curious Lens. So put on some good music — Band of Horses always works — and wander through the things I’ve found interesting on my own journey.”

Prints and Licensing
A selection of photographs are offered as prints though an online catalog. For information about licensing or to inquire about all available photographs or other formats, please contact:

N.Truett Photography